Black Friday

Open a Young Living account before the end of November with

any Premium Starter Kit or 100PV order and get a

FREE 15ml Pine + 5ml Christmas Spirit Essential Oil

more details below

Choose from these Premium Starter Kits


How To Enroll:

Click the link to buy a kit.

Make sure 10445829 is filled in for both the sponsor and enroller boxes.

Click 'continue' twice.

Select the Starter Kit you'd like.

The Premium Starter Kit with

Oils + Desert Mist diffuser is pre-selected for you.

If you want one of the others, click the "Other Premium Kits" tab.

By selecting 'no' for Step 2, you may add a few extra products or head to check-out. 

By selecting 'yes,' you'll be able to start earning free products and points back on your purchase through our "Essential Rewards" Program. I suggest simply choosing a pre-made kit for your first monthly order b/c it's easy (you can change it later) or you can customize next month's order now!

Continue to the final step where you'll create your account and fill in your personal, shipping, & payment information.

You may choose to provide our SSN for tax-reporting purposes if you plan on taking advantage of YL's referral program & compensation plan.

If not, select "Individual-No SSN required."

When you are finished, you'll receive email confirmation of your account opening + your order processing. You'll also be able to log-in to your account and check the tracking.

I will also receive an alert and reach out to welcome you!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to text me at (803) 395-0405


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